A little about me

I’m 30-something years old. Happily married to Louise. We have two beautiful children. I’m a keen amateur photographer, and co-director of Slack Media Ltd which own and operate Talk Photography. We offer a free, friendly, UK based photography forum for everyone to discuss their hobby with other keen photographers, of any skill level. Pop along and say hi!

I can be found on most social media sites : Twitter, Facebook, amongst many others.

  1. emily hocking said:

    hi marcel,
    this is emily hocking from jennifers jounior and high school i am trying to find our year 6 leaving party pictures to show my friends but i cant find them anywhere would it be possible for you to send them to me

  2. Carpe Diem said:

    I would like to contact you regarding copyright permission to re-use of one of your pictures. If you could email me I will send our request.


  3. Cow Asaki said:

    Marcel, isn’t this page a little bit out of date 😀 Like the front page photo though 🙂

  4. Marcel said:

    Cheers, er, Cow :p, or should I call you Mr Asaki? 😀
    I suppose the only thing different is the profession and my age…..:D

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