A little about me

I’m 40-something years old keen amateur photographer, and owner of Talk Photography. We offer a free, friendly, UK based photography forum for everyone to discuss their hobby with other keen photographers, of any skill level. Pop along and say hi!

I’m no longer on mainstream social media, but can be contacted via email / phone etc.

  1. emily hocking said:

    hi marcel,
    this is emily hocking from jennifers jounior and high school i am trying to find our year 6 leaving party pictures to show my friends but i cant find them anywhere would it be possible for you to send them to me

  2. Carpe Diem said:

    I would like to contact you regarding copyright permission to re-use of one of your pictures. If you could email me I will send our request.


  3. Cow Asaki said:

    Marcel, isn’t this page a little bit out of date 😀 Like the front page photo though 🙂

  4. Marcel said:

    Cheers, er, Cow :p, or should I call you Mr Asaki? 😀
    I suppose the only thing different is the profession and my age…..:D

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