On the 3rd January 2008, I started a project called a ‘365’. A photographic self portrait every day…..for a year.
I’m pleased to say I completed the project, and didn’t miss one day. Here is the finished slideshow containing all 367 photos (leap year plus one extra).

As I promised at the start of the year, some photos are creative, some funny, some sad, some simple, some complex. But one thing they all are, is of me. And they’re all honest.

As many people know I’ve suffered from depression for a while, on and off, and this year was no exception. Taking the daily self portrait helped me through some of the darker days, as did the words of encouragement by the followers on flickr and Talk Photography.

Onto the slideshow. I know it’s alot of photos to view, but I’ve kept the transitions short and the length of each photo to 1 second. The whole slideshow is only 13 minutes, and contains three music tracks.

The music is quite important to the slideshow, so please view with speakers on. I went through my complete itunes collection (about 6000 tracks), to choose the most suitable ones. All three tracks, the lyrics actually mean something and do well to describe ‘me’. How I think and how I feel.

Anyway, just click the image above to play and enjoy.

Thanks for watching 🙂 (There are also some messages at the end).

365 Slideshow

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  1. Susane said:

    Quite an emotional trip watching this Marcel, which I didn’t expect!
    Thank you for putting yourself “out there”.
    There’s some excellent portraits in there along with the funny stuff and the human interest captures.
    A great slideshow Marcel, my attention didn’t slip once!

  2. Gary Eddleston said:

    A True legend, Gentleman and a friend! Well done Marcel

  3. luke woodford said:

    I just watch the whole thing and it really was a great insight to a year of your life. So many of the shots were inventive too which must have been hard. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  4. Darren Magee said:

    One word – “Fantastic”

  5. Marcel said:

    Thanks very much for the kind comments everyone 🙂 And thanks for watching it!

    It’s actually been great fun sharing my ‘life’ with everyone.

  6. one way photo / Mark said:

    Great little project. I guess it took a lot of perserverance but it was well worth it. I feel a bit like an intruder into your life now 😉

  7. Marcel said:

    Thanks very much Mark. You intrude all you like 🙂

  8. Justin said:

    Absolutely inspired Marcel, really enjoyed watching this and all the effort you put in. Days of pleasure, days of pain, shots where you put a lot of prep work in and those where your expression says enough on it’s own. Well done, this really is something to cherish over the years and be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Venomator said:

    13 minutes very well spent imhgo… 🙂

    If I had to sum it up in one word… R . E . S . P . E . C . T

    And if I had another… inspirational !

    Excellent and Younique project Marcel – anyone taking the time to look can only be inspired, gob-smacked and full of respect for how far you’ve come, what you have achieved and most of all for delivering on your project… WELL DONE !


  10. hypnotic (TP) said:

    Just spant one of the most rewarding thirteen minutes I can ever remember watching this.

    You should feel very proud of what you have done and achieved here.

    I’m going back to watch it again!


  11. Marcel said:

    Kev, Rog, and Justin…

    Thanks very much for all your lovely comments 🙂

  12. Claire said:

    Hi there Marcel! What a great set of photos! You can see sooo much work has gone in to it! I totally understand how music & photos can mean so much to a person – I often take longer choosing a song than putting a collection together! Well done!! 🙂

  13. Marcel said:

    Thank you very much Claire 🙂
    They certainly do mean alot..took me a while to choose the music.

    I still feel proud of it watching it today 🙂

  14. Denise Graham said:

    Excellent and inspirational.You should be very proud.

  15. Marcel said:

    Thanks very much, I am indeed quite proud of it 🙂

  16. Kris said:

    I have been struggling the last week or so with a serious loss of motivation for my own project, so I have come back to the original source of my inspiration. I think it may have done the job. This has just as much impact on the second view as it did on the the first.

  17. Marcel said:

    Cheers Kris 😀
    I’m glad it’s giving you inspiration and motivation. I could do with some of yours now with the weight loss! lol