I went to the beach with my wife and children last month. I took my camera with the deliberate intention of taking some shots of the children for post-processing. Here’s my 10 year old daughter at the beach.
Again, it’s very much a Chromasia-influenced shot, and the same with the processing. For that I make no apologies. I do not intend to copy, but merely imitate and emulate so I can learn more tricks and skills to find my own path on this photographic journey 🙂

Jennifer at the beach

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  1. Gary Eddleston said:

    Its completely works! Great shot, Processing and a little star in the making!

    Have you shown your Daughter the Chromasia’s site and how his kids are shot daily? she might start to charge per shoot! hehe

  2. Marcel said:

    LOL God no, I can’t afford her ‘wages’ for her daily chores as it is!

  3. Marcel said:

    PS. Thanks for the kind comments too 🙂 Really must learn more about this processing!