The old jetty, St Annes Pier

Took a ride out with my family the other day to St Anne’s. I firmly had in mind the sort of shot I wanted to get while there.
Inspired by all the magnificent work done by David Nightingale along the Fylde coast, I wanted to capture something similar. I had in mind some sort of post processing too.

Well the weather played ball and I came away with some shots I was pleased with.
With me never having been to photograph this old jetty before, I didn’t know that you had to be a bit of a Spiderman to get on it (which is technically not allowed, ssssh!). So the best I could do was either hang my camera over the top and try and use live view with the sun shining on the 7D’s screen. Or stand on what I could and try and peek over the top.

The shots I got weren’t anything to write home about, so I opted to try for more wide angle / stood back shots.

I had in mind a very contrasty beach, with lots of detail and texture, with a powerfully blue but dark sky, contrasty with fluffy whites.

After working through some more of David’s tutorials (Which I recommend people sign up for, he has a unique insight and does absolute wonders with the curves tool!), I finished with the above shot. I think I can do better different with a few more tutorials and an idea of what I want under my belt.

As usual, hover over the shot to see the original as taken straight from the RAW file out of the camera (Exported straight from Lightroom to a JPEG).

The old jetty, St. Anne’s Pier

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