Went to a lovely christening today, and was asked to take some candids at the do afterwards. I took a few then let Harvey loose with the camera. I took the grip off the 7D first, then let him loose with the 24-70 and onboard flash. After a while I realised my good old nifty fifty was still in the bag, so I put that on to make the camera even lighter for him (He is only 8!).
I gave him some tips on how to just get in there and take someone’s photo without waiting for them to pose. To watch from the sidelines and then just sidle up, raise the camera, click, walk away with a smile.
Alot of the stuff he took had motion blur (It was quite dark), harsh flash etc….but that doesn’t matter today.

This is my favourite of the day if I’m honest, and Harvey took it. He captured that giggle brilliantly. That moment. We don’t know why she’s laughing, and to be honest, we don’t need to. The scene is set right there. I didn’t crop it in the end. I did try various crops but I didn’t like them. I think everything in the shot adds to it, right up to the balloom at the top right. It conveys the scene. We’re at a party, it’s a sit down, family type affair and she’s having a great time. That’s what photography should do, tell a story in a single frame, and as I said at the start….it’s the way I tell ’em. (Or in this case, my 8 year old son tells ’em!).

As usual, hover over the image for the original..

It’s the way I tell ’em

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