Beach Huts

I had a lovely day out today with my daughter. She is taking Photography GCSE and for her first assignment she has to take photos of an object, 20 times and in 20 locations. As I’m always itching for a ‘jolly’ out, I asked a friend Tom to come along and we could go out and do some shooting.

First stop was Fleetwood, where we tried to locate the infamous boat wrecks that are always so photogenic.
After realising how much walking was involved, and the fact it was getting a bit near Fish n Chips time, we decided against it and parked up near the beach.

Happened upon some lovely looking (although cliche’d to buggery) colourful beach huts. Tom had a Samyang 8mm, borrowed from a forum member Matt (oft. referred to as Alfie….). I love really wide shots so had to have a play.
So we chose this as one of my daughter’s locations, and she took 20 shots of her object (a teddy) in various poses and places around the huts, and I got a couple of really wide shots I liked too.

All PP work is done in Lightroom, basically exposure and contrast tweaks. Up the clarity, vibration and saturation.
Then lower the luminosity/luminance of the blue channel, slight rotate and we’re good to go.
As usual, if you’re reading this on my blog, you can hover over the photo to reveal the shot straight out of camera.

Beach Huts

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