Now the Staff Photographer of the Year Competition on Talk Photography has ended it’s voting for this month, I can blog this post. I’ve been dying to blog it since I took it!

It’s actually very rare I am happy with a photo I’ve taken. Especially over the last couple of years and this is why the enthusiasm for photography has waned.
However, attending a Talk Photography Meet at the Kilns up in Settle, organised by Matt (Alfie) who runs The Night School, I came away with this shot.

We were chatting in the car park waiting for the sun to go down so the night light painting could start, when we noticed the light from the sun hitting the cliff above us was absolutely gorgeous, so a few of us jumped in our cars to chase this lovely blood red light.

Arriving at the highest point where my last shot was taken (“Cold”), we set about taking as many photos as we could before the light disappeared.
Straight away I’m thinking of ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’. Rule of thirds, lead-in lines etc etc.
I took many with the tree on a ‘third’, but then decided to try repositioning myself to get the sun behind the tree.

I originally intended for more of a silhouetted look, but after tweaking in Lightroom using some tips given to me on the night, I came away with this.

Yes it will have technical flaws. I can see problems with it.
But for me, it’s a photo I took, processed and produced….and I’m happy with it, and *that* is what matters.

I am always up for suggestions and constructive criticism though! All opinions are gratefully received.

As usual if you’re reading this on my blog, hover over the image with your mouse to reveal the image as taken straight out of the camera.

Tree with a view

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